Friday, 20 May 2016

Cosh Knott (Low Green Field Knott) - 602m

Cosh Knott (602m)

Also known as Low Green Field Knott or Cosh Inside

Grid Ref: SD 845 784

Climbed: 19/05/16

Route: Halton Gill, Foxup, Cosh, Cosh Beck Head Cave, Cosh Outside, Cosh Knott (602m), Cosh Inside, saddle between Cosh Knott and Horse Head (536m spot height), back down to Cosh Beck and Halton Gill. 11.5 km

Weather: dry at first then rain and wind set in

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lovely Seat (675m)

Lovely Seat (675m)

Climbed on 22/02/16

Grid Ref: SD 878 951

Route: Sedbusk, Smuker Hill, Stags Fell, Lovely Seat, Pike Hill, Shivery Gill, Simonstone

Weather: clear, crisp and cold

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